The Management of ELECTRO calorique Deutschland

When we founded ELECTRO calorique Germany in 1993 together with Pierre Brossat, the former owner of EC France, we could no even foresee the positive development our company would have one day.

In fact, it did not look so positive in the beginning:

In most cases, operators of hospitals and elderly homes did not see the necessity to buy expensive food distribution systems due to the fact that the hygiene specifications where not as stringent as today at those times.

Most of the hospitals and elderly homes would focus on traditional methods: The meals where portioned out after preparation and brought to the patients/inhabitants as quick as possible. The temperature did not really play an important role because HACCP was almost never applied.

Thus, it took more than 2 years until our new company was able to achieve the first benefits. The first major order of 100 trolleys for the state hospital of Graz reversed our situation.

Since then ELECTRO calorique has been growing continuously and has been able to position itself among the top places within the branch.

With our continuous technical improvements of the existing systems as well as the innovations SNOWLINE, AQUALINE, Restiself HISTORIQUE and the current disinfection plant for hospitals, ELECTRO calorique is always one step ahead of the competition.

This day, approximately 1000 hospitals are working with food distribution systems of ELECTRO calorique. The German subsidiary contributes with about one third of the total turnover of the company in Europe.

We will keep serving our customers also in the future.

Patrick A. Graeffly
Bettina Boost-Graeffly
Jerome Brossat